The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Lieutenant-General Masayuki Funabiki

Funabiki, Masayuki


* 2nd of August 1891

† 9th of May 1963


(ふなびき まさゆき)


1937-08-02 Colonel
1940-03-09 Major-General
1943-06-10 Lieutenant-General


1936-08-01 1937-11-01 Attached to 11th Independent Mixed Brigade
1937-11-01 1938-07-15 Chief of Research Section, Army Heavy Field Artillery School
1938-07-15 1939-11-13 Commanding Officer 8th Heavy Field Artillery Regiment
1939-11-13 1940-09-28 Chief of Ordnance Section, Kwantung Army
1940-09-28 1941-10-15 Commanding Officer 12th Artillery Group
1941-10-15 1942-10-15 Chief of General Affairs Section, Army Technical Headquarters
1942-10-15 1943-06-10 Chief of Training Section, Army Ordnance Administrative Headquarters
1943-06-10 1945-09-XX General Officer Commanding 64th Division [China]