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Portrait of Lieutenant-General Mikhail Ivanovich Glukhov

Glukhov, Mikhail Ivanovich


* 12th of February 1893

† 13th of March 1947

(Михаил Иванович Глухов)


1935-11-26 Komdiv
1940-06-04 Major-General
1943-08-29 Lieutenant-General


1928-02-XX 1928-08-XX Commanding Officer 36th Rifle Regiment
1928-02-XX 1928-08-XX Military Commissar, 36th Rifle Regiment
1928-08-XX 1931-03-XX Commandant of Omsk Infantry School
1931-03-XX 1932-04-XX Commanding Officer 65th Rifle Division
1931-03-XX 1932-04-XX Military Commissar, 65th Rifle Division
1932-04-XX 1935-02-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Collective-Farm Rifle Division
1932-04-XX 1935-02-XX Military Commissar, 2nd Collective-Farm Rifle Division
1935-02-XX 1937-07-XX Commanding Officer 65th Rifle Division
1935-02-XX 1937-07-XX Military Commissar, 65th Rifle Division
1937-07-XX 1938-03-21 Commanding Officer XXVI Rifle Corps
1938-03-21 1939-11-29 Arrested
1939-11-29 Released
1939-12-04 Reinstated in the Army
1939-12-04 1940-03-XX At disposal of the Command & Staff Directorate
1940-03-XX 1941-11-02 Senior Instructor at Frunze Military Academy
1941-11-02 1942-01-15 Chief of Staff, 61st Army
1942-02-XX 1942-03-21 At disposal of the Main Personnel Directorate
1942-03-21 1942-04-02 Commanding Officer 350th Rifle Division
1942-04-XX 1943-07-17 Deputy Commanding Officer 13th Army
1943-07-17 1943-09-22 Wounded and hospitalised
1943-12-28 1945-06-15 Commanding Officer LXXVI Rifle Corps
1945-06-15 1946-12-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 3rd Guards Tank Army
1946-12-XX 1947-03-13 Deputy Commanding Officer 8th Mechanised Army
Picture source:Глухов,_Михаил_Иванович