The Generals of WWII

Generals from Soviet Union Flag for Soviet Union
Portrait of Komdiv Mikhail Alekseevich Gorbunov

Gorbunov, Mikhail Alekseevich


* October 1901

† 22nd of May 1938

(Михаил Алексеевич Горбунов)


1935-11-20 Komdiv


1930-06-XX 1931-02-XX Commanding Officer 54th Aviation Squadron
1931-02-XX 1932-12-XX Commanding Officer 20th Aviation Brigade
1931-02-XX 1932-12-XX Military Commissar, 20th Aviation Brigade
1932-12-XX 1933-05-XX Attending the Air Force Academy
1933-05-XX 1933-06-XX Commanding Officer 23rd Heavy Bomber Aviation Brigade
1933-05-XX 1933-06-XX Military Commissar, 23rd Heavy Bomber Aviation Brigade
1933-06-XX 1935-04-XX Commanding Officer 26th Aviation Brigade
1933-06-XX 1935-04-XX Military Commissar, 26th Aviation Brigade
1935-04-XX 1936-09-XX Commanding Officer V Heavy Aviation Corps
1935-04-XX 1936-09-XX Military Commissar, V Heavy Aviation Corps
1936-09-XX 1937-06-07 Commanding Officer Air Forces, Red Banner Baltic Fleet
1937-06-07 1938-05-22 Arrested
1938-05-22 Condemned to death
1938-05-22 Executed
1956-12-29 Rehabilitated
Picture source: Courtesy of Mikhail Eremenko