The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Brigadier-General Davis Dunbar Graves

Graves, Davis Dunbar


* 29th of August 1903

† 8th of February 1944



1944-01-XX Brigadier-General


1939-10-XX 1940-01-XX Operations Officer 23rd Composite Group
1940-01-XX 1940-03-XX Attending the Air Corps Tactical School
1940-12-XX 1941-07-XX Operations Officer Orlabdo Air Base
1941-06-XX 1942-05-XX Commanding Officer 56th Pursuit Group
1942-05-XX 1942-07-XX Commanding Officer 56th Figther Goup
1942-08-06 1942-12-19 Commanding Officer New York Air Defense Wing
1942-12-12 1943-07-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Air Defense Wing [North Africa]
1943-07-XX 1944-02-08 Commanding Officer 63rd Figther Wing [North Africa]
1944-02-08 Missing in Action, presumed dead
Picture source: Courtesy of Shawn M. Bohannon