The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Lieutenant-General Aleksei Aleksandrovich Grechkin

Grechkin, Aleksei Aleksandrovich


* 26th of March 1893

† 30th of August 1964

(Алексей Александрович Гречкин)


1935-11-26 Kombrig
1940-02-01 Komdiv
1940-06-04 Major-General
1943-10-09 Lieutenant-General


1932-12-XX 1936-03-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 15th Rifle Division
1936-03-XX 1938-09-XX Chief of Combat Training Section Kiev Military District
1938-09-XX 1939-04-XX Deputy Commanding Officer XIII Rifle Corps
1939-04-XX 1940-07-XX Commanding Officer 1st Division, Finnish People's Army
1940-07-XX 1941-10-XX Deputy Commander in Chief Northern Caucasian Military District
1941-08-03 1941-09-09 Acting Commander in Chief Northern Caucasian Military District
1941-10-XX 1942-06-XX Commanding Officer Operational Group, 56th Army
1942-06-XX 1942-08-28 Deputy Commanding Officer 24th Army
1942-08-28 1943-01-01 Commanding Officer 318th Rifle Division
1942-12-28 1943-02-05 Commanding Officer XVI Rifle Corps
1943-02-27 1943-03-26 Commanding Officer XX Rifle Corps
1943-06-20 1943-11-01 Commanding Officer 9th Army
1943-10-XX 1943-11-XX Commanding Officer 70th Army
1943-11-30 1944-05-19 Commanding Officer 28th Army
1944-05-20 1944-10-16 Deputy Commander in Chief 3rd Baltic Front
1944-10-16 1945-04-XX At disposal of the Main Personnel Directorate
1945-04-XX 1945-05-04 At disposal of the Military Council, 1st Ukrainian Front
1945-05-04 1946-06-07 Commanding Officer XXXXVIII Rifle Corps
1946-06-07 1946-07-XX Commanding Officer LXXIII Rifle Corps
1946-07-XX 1946-10-XX At disposal of the Personnel Directorate, Ground Forces
1946-10-XX 1951-02-XX Assistant Head of Infantry Commanders Advanced Training Course 'Vystrel'
1951-02-XX 1954-06-15 Head of Special Department, Military Institute of Foreign Languages
1954-06-15 Retired
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