The Generals of WWII

Generals from China Flag for China
Portrait of Lieutenant-General  Huang Weigang

Huang Weigang


* 1st of December 1897

† 3rd of August 1943


(Huang Wei-kang)


1927-05-XX Major-General (Post rank)
1935-04-18 Major-General
1938-08-20 Lieutenant-General (Post rank)
1943-09-27 Lieutenant-General (Posthumously)


1925-12-XX 1926-08-XX Commanding Officer 7th Regiment, 3rd Mixed Brigade, 1st Division, Northwestern Border Defence Army
1926-08-XX 1926-09-XX Unemployed
1926-09-XX 1927-05-XX Chief of Staff, 2nd Division
1927-05-XX 1928-03-XX Deputy Chief of Staff, 2nd Army Group
1928-03-XX 1929-10-XX Inspector of Infantry, Training Department, Military Commission
1929-10-XX 1930-04-XX Chief of Staff, Northwestern Army Headquarters
1930-04-XX 1930-09-XX Chief of Staff, 2nd Field Army
1930-09-XX 1931-01-16 Commanding Officer Replacement Brigade, 30th Army
1931-01-16 1931-06-17 Commanding Officer 1st Regiment, 34th Brigade, 12th Division
1931-06-17 1933-02-XX Commanding Officer 223rd Regiment, 112th Brigade, 38th Division
1933-02-XX 1937-08-20 Commanding Officer 112th Brigade, 38th Division
1937-08-20 1940-05-27 Commanding Officer 38th Division
1940-05-27 1943-08-03 Commanding Officer 59th Army
1943-08-03 Died of illness