The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Mikhail Danilovich Iagodin

Iagodin, Mikhail Danilovich


* 22nd of September 1900

† 25th of July 1974

(Михаил Данилович Ягодин)


1943-02-22 Major-General


1936-12-XX 1938-02-XX Commanding Officer 10th Reserve Cavalry Regiment
1938-02-XX 1939-11-XX Commanding Officer 44th Cavalry Regiment
1939-11-XX 1941-05-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Cavalry Regiment
1941-05-XX 1942-01-XX Chief of Staff, 8th Separate Cavalry Division
1942-01-XX 1942-03-01 At disposal of the Commander in Chief of Cavalry
1942-03-01 1945-12-XX Commanding Officer 3rd Guards Cavalry Division
1945-12-XX 1946-03-XX At disposal of the Commander in Chief of Cavalry
1946-03-XX 1947-01-XX Attending the Military Academy of General Staff
1947-01-XX 1947-04-XX At disposal of the Commander in Chief of Cavalry, Ground Forces
1947-04-XX 1950-07-XX Commanding Officer 7th Separate Cavalry Division
1950-07-XX 1952-05-06 Commanding Officer LXXXVI Rifle Corps
1952-05-XX 1956-05-XX Senior Military Adviser to the Romanian People's Army
1956-06-XX Retired
Picture source:Ягодин,_Михаил_Данилович