The Generals of WWII

Generals from France Flag for France
Portrait of Lieutenant-General Marcel Ihler

Ihler, Marcel


* 12th of August 1880

† 14th of April 1975


1935-06-11 Brigadier-General
1938-12-23 Major-General
1944-08-10 Lieutenant-General


1917-XX-XX 1919-XX-XX Chief of Staff, 62nd Infantry Division
1919-XX-XX 1920-XX-XX Chief of Staff, French Military Mission to Czechoslovakia
1933-XX-XX Commanding Officer 129th Infantry Regiment
1934-09-21 1938-03-22 Commanding Officer Infantry, 3rd Infantry Division
1938-03-22 1940-05-21 General Officer Commanding 31st Infantry Division
1940-05-21 1940-06-12 General Officer Commanding IX Corps
1940-06-12 1945-05-11 Prisoner of War
1945-05-15 1945-08-15 On leave
1945-09-14 Retired