The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Lieutenant-General Sumihisa Ikeda

Ikeda, Sumihisa


* 15th of December 1894

† 29th of April 1968


(いけだ すみひさ)


1938-03-XX Colonel
1941-08-XX Major-General
1944-10-XX Lieutenant-General


1937-08-02 1937-09-06 Attached to Main Army Arsenal
1937-09-XX 1937-10-XX Chief of 1st Section, Resource Planning Bureau
1937-10-23 1939-08-01 Investigator, Cabinet Planning Board
1939-08-01 1940-08-10 Commanding Officer 45th Infantry Regiment
1940-08-10 1941-07-23 Chief of Mukden (Houten) Special Agency [Manchuria]
1941-07-23 1941-09-11 Staff Officer, Kwantung Army
1941-09-11 1942-07-01 Chief of Occupied Territories Policy Branch, Kwantung Army
1942-07-01 1945-07-28 Deputy Chief of Staff, Kwantung Army
1945-07-28 1945-09-XX Head of Total Planning Board
1945-12-XX Retired