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Portrait of Major-General Georgii Petrovich Isakov

Isakov, Georgii Petrovich


* 11th of February 1896

† 4th of February 1961

(Георгий Петрович Исаков)


1943-02-22 Major-General


1940-02-03 1941-08-05 Commanding Officer Training Battalion, Reserve Commanders' Advanced Training Course, Vitebsk
1941-08-05 1941-08-23 Commanding Officer 811th Rifle Regiment
1941-08-23 1941-10-10 Wounded and hospitalised
1941-10-10 1942-02-27 Commanding Officer 19th Separate Rifle Brigade
1942-02-27 1942-05-XX Commanding Officer 49th Rifle Brigade
1942-05-XX 1942-08-30 Commanding Officer 17th Separate Fighter Brigade
1942-08-30 1942-10-09 Deputy Commanding Officer 76th Rifle Division
1942-10-09 1943-02-06 Commanding Officer 96th Rifle Division
1943-02-06 1943-10-11 Commanding Officer 68th Guards Rifle Division
1943-10-11 1944-02-XX Wounded and hospitalised
1944-02-XX 1944-09-06 Attending the Military Academy of the General Staff
1944-09-06 1944-10-25 Commanding Officer 18th Guards Rifle Division
1944-10-26 1944-12-06 Hospitalised
1944-12-07 1945-01-01 Commanding Officer 18th Guards Rifle Division
1945-01-XX 1945-04-27 Deputy Commanding Officer XVI Guards Rifle Corps
1945-04-27 1946-05-XX Commanding Officer 16th Guards Rifle Division
1946-05-XX 1946-10-XX Hospitalised
1946-10-XX 1951-02-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 64th Guards Rifle Division
1951-02-XX 1955-12-08 Head of the Military Department, Tartusk State University
1955-12-08 Retired
Picture source:Исаков,_Георгий_Петрович