The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Lieutenant-General Torazō Ishimoto

Ishimoto, Torazō


* 5th of November 1890

† 13th of March 1941


(いしもと とらぞう)


1934-08-01 Colonel
1938-07-05 Major-General
1940-12-02 Lieutenant-General


1934-08-01 1935-08-01 Chief of Intelligence Branch, Kwantung Army
1935-08-01 1936-03-XX Chief of Research Office, Military Research Department, Ministry of War
1936-03-XX 1936-07-XX Member of the Supreme Military Tribunal
1936-08-01 1937-03-01 Chief of Military Service Branch, Military Service Bureau, Ministry of War
1937-03-01 1937-12-28 Commanding Officer 25th Cavalry Regiment
1937-12-28 1938-07-04 Chief of Staff, Mongolia Garrison Group
1938-07-04 1939-01-XX Chief of Staff, Mongolia Garrison Army
1939-01-XX 1939-01-13 Attached to the Ministry of War
1939-01-13 1940-03-09 Political Adviser of Horses, Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry
1940-03-09 1940-12-02 Head of Military Administration Bureau, Ministry of War
1940-12-02 1941-03-13 General Officer Commanding 55th Division
Picture source: Courtesy of Anonymous