The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Lieutenant-General Kanji Ishiwara

Ishiwara, Kanji


* 17th of January 1889

† 15th of August 1949


(いしわら かんじ)


1928-08-XX Lieutenant-Colonel
1932-08-08 Colonel
1937-03-01 Major-General
1939-08-01 Lieutenant-General


1928-10-10 1932-08-08 Senior Strategy Officer, Kwantung Army
1931-10-05 1932-08-08 Chief of Strategy Branch, Kwantung Army
1932-08-08 1932-09-XX Attached to the General Staff
1932-09-XX 1933-08-XX Attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1933-08-XX 1935-08-01 Commanding Officer 4th Infantry Regiment
1935-08-01 1936-06-05 Chief od 2nd Section (Manoeuvres), 1st Section, General Staff
1936-06-11 1937-03-01 Chief of 2nd Section (War Plans), 1st Section, General Staff
1937-01-07 1937-03-01 Acting Head of 1st Section, General Staff
1937-03-01 1937-09-28 Head of 1st Section, General Staff
1937-09-27 1938-12-05 Deputy Chief of Staff, Kwantung Army
1938-12-05 1939-08-01 Commandant of Maizuru Fortress
1939-08-01 1939-08-30 Attached to 16th Depot Division
1939-08-30 1941-03-01 General Officer Commanding 16th Division
1941-03-31 Retired
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