The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Lieutenant-General Tamio Iwasaki

Iwasaki, Tamio


* 8th of August 1894

† 30th of January 1978


(いわさき たみお)


1937-11-01 Colonel
1940-12-02 Major-General
1944-03-01 Lieutenant-General


1936-08-01 1937-08-02 Senior Staff Officer, Recruiting Branch, Personnel Bureau, Ministry of War
1937-08-02 1938-09-01 Staff Officer, Chosen Army [Korea]
1938-09-01 1940-12-02 Commanding Officer 47th Infantry Regiment
1940-12-02 1941-11-08 Commanding Officer 39th Infantry Brigade
1941-11-08 1942-11-01 Head of Mengjiang (Inner Mongolia) Coordination Bureau, Asia Development Board
1942-11-01 1944-07-14 Resident Minister of Asia Development Board at Zhangjiakou
1944-07-14 1945-09-XX General Officer Commanding 111th Division [Manchuria]