The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Louis-Guillaume-Gaston Janssen

Janssen, Louis-Guillaume-Gaston


* 24th of January 1884

† 2nd of June 1940


1928-06-25 Lieutenant-Colonel
1931-09-25 Colonel
1936-05-28 Brigadier-General
1939-12-08 Major-General


1932-XX-XX Attending the Centre des Hautes √Čtudes Militaires
1933-06-XX 1935-XX-XX Commanding Officer 61st Artillery Regiment
1935-XX-XX Commanding Officer Artillery, 41st Infantry Division
1935-08-26 1939-02-14 Chief of Staff to General Billotte as Member of the Supreme War Council
1939-02-14 1940-06-02 General Officer Commanding 12th Motorised Division
1940-06-02 Killed in Action
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