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Portrait of Major-General Marek Karakoz

Karakoz, Marek


* 24th of January 1903

† 18th of October 1991


(Former Soviet Army)

(Марк Трофимович Каракоз)

(Mark Trofimovich Karakoz)


1943-10-16 Major-General (Soviet Army)
1945-12-14 Major-General


1939-06-XX 1940-10-XX Chief of 1st Section, Directorate of Air Defence
1940-10-XX 1941-07-05 Attending the Military Academy of the General Staff
1941-07-05 1942-06-XX Chief of Staff III Air Defence Corps
1942-06-XX 1942-11-20 Chief of Staff Baku Air Defence Army
1942-11-20 1942-12-19 General Officer Commanding 416th Rifle Division
1942-12-20 1944-04-25 General Officer Commanding 402nd Rifle Division
1944-08-30 1944-10-06 General Officer Commanding XIII Rifle Corps
1944-11-XX Transferred from the Soviet Army
1944-11-09 1945-10-17 Deputy Head 1st Polish People's Army Rear Service
1945-10-17 1945-12-28 General Officer Commanding IV Military Area
1945-12-28 1946-03-19 At disposal of the Commander in Chief of the Army
1946-03-19 Returned to Soviet Union
1946-07-XX 1947-XX-XX Commanding Officer 8th Separate Guards Rifle Brigade
1947-XX-XX 1947-03-XX Commanding Officer 13th Separate Guards Rifle Brigade
1947-03-XX 1955-11-XX Senior Instructor at the Military Academy of the General Staff
1955-11-XX 1962-05-XX Deputy Head of Air Defence Department, Military Academy of the General Staff
1962-05-XX Retired
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