The Generals of WWII

Generals from Soviet Union Flag for Soviet Union
Portrait of Major-General Sergei Isaevich Karapetian

Karapetian, Sergei Isaevich


* 15th of January 1899

† 9th of February 1954

(Сергей Исаевич Карапетян)


1942-10-01 Major-General


1938-06-XX 1939-09-XX Commanding Officer 45th Cavalry Regiment
1939-09-XX 1940-07-XX Commanding Officer 100th Cavalry Regiment
1940-07-XX 1941-06-XX Commanding Officer 5th Motorised Rifle Regiment
1941-06-XX 1941-07-02 Deputy Commanding Officer 183rd Rifle Division
1941-07-02 1941-08-XX Commanding Officer 183rd Rifle Division
1941-09-XX 1941-12-XX Chief of Combat Training Section, 11th Army
1941-12-XX 1942-04-XX Attending the Military Academy of the General Staff
1942-05-04 1942-10-10 Commanding Officer 174th Rifle Division
1942-10-10 1944-02-XX Commanding Officer 46th Guards Rifle Division
1944-02-07 1946-08-XX Commanding Officer 146th Rifle Division
1946-08-XX 1948-05-XX Chief of Combat & Physical Training Section, 7th Guards Army
1948-05-25 Retired
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