The Generals of WWII

Generals from Estonia Flag for Estonia
Portrait of Major-General August Kasekamp

Kasekamp, August


* 21st of January 1889

† 3rd of October 1942


1928-02-24 Lieutenant-Colonel
1933-02-24 Colonel
1940-02-24 Major-General
1940-12-29 Major-General (Soviet Army)


1927-07-11 1928-06-29 Head of Reserve Officers Preparation Course, Military Academy
1928-06-29 1930-08-01 Chief of Section VI (Training), General Staff
1930-08-01 1934-04-01 Commandant of the Military Academy
1933-XX-XX 1934-XX-XX Commanding Officer 7th Infantry Regiment
1934-04-01 1938-05-11 Assistant Chief of the General Staff
1938-05-11 1939-10-XX Chief of Military Training
1939-10-XX 1940-XX-XX Assistant Chief of the General Staff
1940-08-XX Transferred to the Soviet Army
1940-08-XX 1941-07-30 Chief of Staff, 180th Rifle Division
1941-07-30 1942-10-03 Arrested
1942-10-03 Died in Prison
Picture source: From: "Eeesti vabariigi kindralid ja admiralid" by Mati ├Ľun