The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Kiyotake Kawaguchi

Kawaguchi, Kiyotake


* 3rd of December 1892

† 16th of May 1961


(かわぐち きよたけ)


1937-11-01 Colonel
1940-12-01 Major-General


1935-03-XX 1937-03-XX Attached to the Staff of 4th Division
1937-03-XX 1937-11-01 Attached to Tokyo Bay Fortress
1937-11-01 1938-12-30 Chief of Propaganda Section, North China Area Army
1938-12-30 1939-03-09 Attached to the Staff of North China Area Army
1939-03-09 1940-12-02 Attached to the Staff of Chubu Defence Army
1940-12-02 1942-11-09 Commanding Officer 35th Infantry Brigade [Malaya - Borneo - Solomon Islands]
1942-11-09 1943-03-XX Attached to Eastern Army Headquarters
1943-03-XX 1943-04-05 In reserve
1943-04-05 Retired
1945-03-01 Recalled
1945-03-01 1945-04-XX Commandant of Tsushima Fortress
1945-04-XX 1945-08-XX Attached to Tsushima Fortress
1945-08-XX Retired
1946-02-XX 1949-11-XX Arrested as suspected war criminal
1949-11-XX Condemned to 6 years imprisonment as war criminal
1953-XX-XX Released
Picture source: Courtesy of Paul Godley