The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General of Tank Troops Nikolai Grigorevich Kladovoi

Kladovoi, Nikolai Grigorevich

Major-General of Tank Troops

* 1903

† July 1960

(Николай Григорьевич Кладовой)


1942-12-20 Colonel
1945-06-27 Major-General of Tank Troops


1942-04-28 1942-10-09 Military Commissar, LIX Rifle Corps
1942-10-09 1943-03-16 Deputy Commanding Officer for Political Affairs, LIX Rifle Corps
1943-06-28 1945-03-17 Chief of the Political Section, 4th Tank Army
1945-03-17 1945-05-09 Chief of the Political Section, 4th Guards Tank Army
Picture source: Courtesy of Evgeny Kabalin