The Generals of WWII

Generals from Soviet Union Flag for Soviet Union
Portrait of Komdiv Anton Karlovich Klimovich

Klimovich, Anton Karlovich


* 1st of September 1869

† 4th of June 1938

(Антон Карлович Климович)


1909-03-29 Lieutenant-Colonel (Imperial Army)
1912-03-25 Colonel (Imperial Army)
1917-01-03 Colonel (Imperial Army)(Dated back to 1910-03-25)
1917-09-11 Major-General (Imperial Army)
1936-02-17 Komdiv


1909-11-22 1911-08-10 Senior Adjutant, Priamursk Military District
1911-08-11 Chief of Staff, Nikolaevsk Fortress
Senior Adjutant, Quartermaster Section, 13th Army
1915-08-21 1916-09-30 Commanding Officer 32nd Infantry Regiment
1916-09-30 1917-07-11 Chief of Staff, 8th Infantry Division
1917-07-11 Chief of Staff, XV Corps
1917-10-17 Commanding Officer 6th Infantry Division
1918-XX-XX Joins the Red Army
1918-10-07 1919-07-XX Commandant of the General Staff Academy
1936-XX-XX Military Director, Moscow Pedagogical Institute
1938-02-27 1938-06-04 Arrested
1938-06-04 Died in prison