The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Marshal of Soviet Union Grigorii Ivanovich Kulik

Kulik, Grigorii Ivanovich

Marshal of Soviet Union

* 9th of November 1890

† 24th of August 1950

(Григорий Иванович Кулик)


1935-11-20 Komkor
1937-06-14 Komandarm 2nd Rank
1938-02-08 Komandarm 1st Rank
1940-05-07 Marshal of Soviet Union
1942-03-17 Demoted to Major-General
1943-04-15 Lieutenant-General
1945-07-09 Major-General
1957-09-28 Restored to the rank of Marshal of Soviet union


1919-06-XX 1920-06-XX Commanding Officer Artillery, 14th Army
1920-06-XX 1921-06-XX Commanding Officer Artillery, 1st Cavalry Army
1921-06-XX 1923-11-XX Commanding Officer Artillery, Northern Caucasian Military District
1924-12-XX 1925-10-XX Assistant Commander in Chief of Artillery
1926-11-XX 1929-11-XX Head of Main Artillery Directorate
1929-11-XX 1930-04-XX At disposal of People's Commissariat of the Army & Navy
1930-04-XX 1930-11-XX Commanding Officer 1st Moscow Proletarian Division
1930-11-XX 1932-11-XX Attending the Frunze Military Academy
1932-11-XX 1937-05-XX Commanding Officer V Rifle Corps
1937-05-26 1941-06-14 Head of Main Artillery Directorate
1937-05-26 1941-06-14 Deputy Chief of the General Staff
1938-03-13 1941-06-23 Member of the Supreme Military Council of the Red Army
1939-XX-XX 1942-02-24 Deputy People's Commissioner of Defence
1939-09-10 1941-06-30 Member of the Defence Committee, Council of People's Commissars
1941-07-28 1941-08-06 Head of Main Formation & Training Directorate
1941-09-02 1941-09-25 Commanding Officer 54th Army
1941-11-09 1942-02-16 Representative of the High Command to Crimean Front
1942-03-XX 1943-04-XX At disposal of People's Commissariat of Defence
1942-09-XX 1942-10-XX Representative of the High Command to 22nd Army
1943-04-17 1943-04-20 Commanding Officer 24th Army
1943-04-20 1943-09-22 Commanding Officer 4th Guards Army
1943-10-XX 1944-01-XX At disposal of People's Commissariat of Defence
1944-01-XX 1945-07-XX Second Deputy Head of Main Directorate of Formations & Training
1945-07-19 1946-06-28 First Deputy Commander in Chief Volga Military District
1947-01-11 1950-08-24 Arrested
1950-08-24 Condemned to death and executed for treason
1956-04-11 Rehabilitated
Picture source: Courtesy of Auke de Vlieger