The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of General  Li Jiayu

Li Jiayu


* 25th of April 1892

† 21st of May 1944


(Li Chia-yu)


1923-09-05 Major-General (Beiyang Government)
1924-04-16 Titular Lieutenant-General (Beiyang Government)
1924-08-16 Lieutenant-General (Beiyang Government)
1936-02-15 Lieutenant-General
1944-06-22 General (Posthumously)


1922-XX-XX Commanding Officer 12th Regiment, 6th Brigade, 3rd Division, Sichuan Army
1922-XX-XX 1924-XX-XX Commanding Officer 6th Brigade, 3rd Division, Sichuan Army
1924-XX-XX 1926-12-XX Commanding Officer 1st Division, Sichuan Army
1926-12-XX 1927-XX-XX Commanding Officer 1st Division, 28th Army
1927-XX-XX Commanding Officer Sichuan Border Defence Army
1927-XX-XX Commanding Officer 22nd Army
1928-XX-XX Member, Sichuan-Xikang Army Reorganization Commission
1929-08-XX 1935-XX-XX Commanding Officer 6th New Division
1932-XX-XX Commanding Officer Northern Route, Sichuan Army
1932-XX-XX 1933-10-XX Commanding Officer Eastern Route, Sichuan Army
1933-10-XX 1935-10-15 Commanding Officer 3rd Route, Sichuan Bandit Suppression Army
1935-10-15 1936-10-XX Commanding Officer 104th Division
1935-10-15 1937-09-XX Commanding Officer 1st Sichuan Pacification Area
1936-10-07 1943-11-XX Commanding Officer 47th Army
1938-02-XX 1939-XX-XX Deputy Commander in Chief, 22nd Army Group
1939-10-24 1944-05-21 Commander in Chief 36th Army Group
1944-05-21 Killed in Action
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