The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of General  Li Jishen

Li Jishen


* 1885

† 9th of October 1959



(Li Chi-shen)


1920-XX-XX Adjutant-General, 1st Division, Guangdong Army
1921-XX-XX 1924-XX-XX Chief of Staff, 1st Division, Guangdong Army
1922-XX-XX 1923-XX-XX Acting Commanding Officer 1st Division, Guangdong Army
1923-XX-XX 1924-XX-XX Commanding Officer 1st Division, Guangdong Army
1924-01-XX 1924-05-XX Committee Member, Huangpu (Whampoa) Military Academy
1924-05-XX 1925-07-XX Chief of Training Department, Huangpu (Whampoa) Military Academy
1925-07-XX 1925-10-XX Commanding Officer 4th Army
1925-10-XX 1926-01-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Column, Eastern Expeditionary Army
1926-04-XX 1926-07-XX Deputy Commandant of Huangpu (Whampoa) Military Academy
1926-07-XX 1927-04-XX Chief of the General Staff
1926-07-XX 1927-04-XX Commander in Chief Reserve Command for Northern Expedition
1926-07-XX 1927-04-XX Chairman of Guangdong Provincial Government
1927-04-XX 1927-10-XX Committee Member of the National Government
1927-04-XX 1927-10-XX Chief of Staff, of the Military Commission
1927-04-XX 1927-10-XX Chairman of Guangzhou Branch, Central Political Council
1927-10-XX 1928-04-XX Commanding Officer 8th Route Army
1928-03-XX 1929-01-XX Chief of the General Staff
1928-03-XX 1928-04-XX Deputy Commandant of the Central Military Academy
1928-04-XX 1928-10-XX Acting Chairman of the Military Commission
1929-03-XX Arrested & put in house arrest
1931-12-XX 1932-02-XX Director-General of Military Training
1932-02-XX 1932-05-XX Chairman of the Military Commission
1932-05-XX 1933-XX-XX Deputy Commander in Chief Hubei-Henan-Anhui Bandit Suppression Headquarters
1938-XX-XX 1945-XX-XX Member of Military Commission
1941-XX-XX 1944-XX-XX Director of the Generalissimo's Headquarters Guilin
1944-XX-XX 1945-XX-XX Chairman of the Military Advisory Council
Picture source: Courtesy of Yu Zixu