The Generals of WWII

Generals from China Flag for China
Portrait of General 2nd Rank  Luo Qi

Luo Qi

General 2nd Rank

* 26th of October 1904

† 18th of November 1975


(Lo Chi)


1929-10-XX Lieutenant-Colonel (Post rank)
1930-04-10 Colonel (Post rank)
1932-08-XX Major-General (Post rank)
1935-05-06 Colonel
1937-04-24 Lieutenant-General (Post rank)
1937-05-14 Major-General
1948-09-22 Lieutenant-General
1959-06-30 General 2nd Rank


1929-10-XX 1931-04-10 Commanding Officer 1st Regiment, 15th Independent Brigade
1930-04-10 1932-08-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 33rd Independent Brigade
1932-08-XX 1937-04-24 Commanding Officer 6th Brigade, 2nd Division
1937-04-24 1942-09-XX Commanding Officer 95th Division
1940-10-19 1943-04-08 Deputy Commanding Officer 37th Army
1943-04-08 1944-05-XX Commanding Officer 37th Army
1944-05-XX 1945-02-XX Deputy Chief of 2nd Training Bureau, Ministry of War
1945-02-XX 1945-12-XX Senior Staff Officer, Military Commission
1945-02-XX 1945-12-XX Staff Officer, Special Branch, Army Headquarters
1945-12-XX 1946-05-XX Commanding Officer 10th Officers Brigade, Ministry of War
1946-05-XX 1947-06-XX Commanding Officer 10th Officers Brigade, Ministry of National Defence
1947-06-XX 1948-05-XX Chief of 4th Group, Chairman of the National Government's Special Field Inspection
1948-03-XX 1948-05-XX Instructor at the Field Inspection Course, Central Training Corps
1948-05-XX 1948-09-XX Chief of 4th Group, President's Special Field Inspection
1948-09-XX 1949-02-XX Deputy Commanding Officer Baijing Garrison Command
1949-02-XX 1949-10-11 Deputy Commanding Officer Beijing-Shanghai-Hangzhou Garrison Command
1949-10-11 1965-10-XX Deputy Commander in Chief of the Army
1965-10-XX 1967-02-XX Deputy Secretary-General of National Defence Council
1967-02-XX 1975-11-18 Deputy Chairman of Military Land Administration Service Committee, National Security Council
Picture source: Courtesy of Tom Chan