The Generals of WWII

Generals from China Flag for China
Portrait of Lieutenant-General  Ma Fawu

Ma Fawu


* 1894

† 24th of January 1992


(Ma Fa-wu)


1926-10-XX Colonel (Post rank)
1927-06-XX Major-General (Post rank)
1931-06-XX Lieutenant-General (Post rank)
1935-04-10 Lieutenant-General


1926-10-XX 1927-04-XX Commanding Officer Artillery, Regiment, 11th Division, Huanan Secuity Army
1927-04-XX 1927-06-XX Commanding Officer Artillery, 5th Provisional Army
1927-06-XX 1929-01-XX Commanding Officer 59th Division, 20th Army, 2nd Army Group
1929-01-XX 1930-04-XX Commanding Officer 42nd Provisional Brigade, 14th Division
1930-04-XX 1931-01-XX Commanding Officer 12th Division, 6th Army, 2nd Field Army
1931-01-XX 1931-06-01 Deputy Commanding Officer 1st Deputy, Northeastern Border Defence Army
1931-06-01 1937-12-08 Deputy Commanding Officer 40th Army
1931-06-01 1937-12-08 Deputy Commanding Officer 39th Division, 40th Army
1937-12-08 1938-08-19 Commanding Officer 39th Division, 40th Army
1938-08-19 1942-05-30 Deputy Commanding Officer 40th Army
1938-08-19 1939-01-20 Deputy Commanding Officer 39th Division, 40th Army
1939-01-20 1942-05-30 Commanding Officer 106th Division, 40th Army
1942-05-30 1945-11-01 Commanding Officer 40th Army
1942-11-01 1943-12-10 Deputy Commander in Chief 24th Army Group
1943-12-10 1945-06-26 Deputy Commander in Chief Hebei War Area
1944-06-23 1945-06-26 Commanding Officer Hebei Security Command
1945-06-26 1945-11-01 Deputy Commander in Chief 11th War Area
1945-11-01 Captured by the People's Liberation Army
1946-02-XX Released
1946-02-XX 1947-03-XX Unemployed
1947-03-XX 1947-12-XX Deputy Commanding Officer Baoding Pacification Headquarters
1947-12-XX 1948-03-XX Commanding Officer Tianjin Garrison Command
1948-03-XX 1948-06-XX Unemployed
1948-06-XX 1948-09-30 Member of Hebei Provincial Government
1948-09-30 1949-04-20 Unemployed
1949-04-20 1949-07-XX Attached to the President's Office
1949-07-XX Leaves for Hong Kong
1950-02-XX Moves to Taiwan
Picture source: Courtesy of Tom Chan