The Generals of WWII

Generals from China Flag for China
Portrait of Lieutenant-General  Ma Hongbin

Ma Hongbin


* 14th of September 1884

† 20th of October 1960


(Ma Hung-pin)


1916-02-07 Major-General (Beiyang Government)
1916-11-18 Titular Lieutenant-General (Beiyang Government)
1920-04-01 Lieutenant-General (Beiyang Government)
1936-09-14 Lieutenant-General


1926-09-XX 1927-09-XX Commanding Officer 22nd Division, 2nd Army Group
1927-09-XX 1928-03-XX Commanding Officer 24th Army, 4th Front Army, 2nd Army Group
1928-XX-XX 1930-XX-XX Member of the Military Advisory Council
1930-XX-XX 1931-XX-XX Chairman of Nigcia Provincial Government
1931-XX-XX Commanding Officer 7th Provisional Division
1931-XX-XX Acting Chairman of Gansu Provincial Government
1931-08-XX 1931-12-XX Chairman of Gansu Provincial Government
1933-12-XX 1937-XX-XX Commanding Officer 35th Division
1935-XX-XX 1937-XX-XX Commanding Officer 4th Column, Northwestern Bandit Suppression Headquarters
1937-XX-XX 1945-XX-XX Commanding Officer 81st Army, 17th Army Group
1937-XX-XX 1941-XX-XX Deputy Commander in Chief 17th Army Group
1941-XX-XX 1942-XX-XX Commanding Officer Western Defence Command
1942-XX-XX 1943-XX-XX Deputy Commanding Officer Western Pacification Headquarters
1946-03-XX 1947-07-XX Deputy Commander in Chief Northwestern Field Headquarters
1947-07-XX 1948-XX-XX Commanding Officer Shanxi, Gansu & Ningxia Border Area Bandited Suppression General Headquarters
1949-09-19 Revolts against the Nationalist Government
1949-XX-XX Joins the People's Liberation Army
Commanding Officer 2nd Independent Army, Northwestern Field Army Top
Picture source: Courtesy of Tom Chan