The Generals of WWII

Generals from France Flag for France
Portrait of General Joseph-Abraham-Auguste-Pierre-Edouard Magnan

Magnan, Joseph-Abraham-Auguste-Pierre-Edouard


* 11th of January 1896

† 10th of June 1976


1944-08-31 Major-General
1947-02-20 Lieutenant-General


1942-XX-XX 1943-XX-XX Commanding Officer ? Colonial Regiment [Morocco]
1943-XX-XX 1944-XX-XX Commanding Officer ? Brigade
1944-XX-XX 1945-XX-XX General Officer Commanding 9th Colonial Division
1945-XX-XX 1949-XX-XX Commander in Chief French West Africa
1949-XX-XX 1951-XX-XX General Officer Commanding 9th Military Region
1950-01-01 1951-12-31 Member of the Supreme War Council
1951-XX-XX 1954-XX-XX General Officer Commanding 4th Military Region
1954-XX-XX 1957-XX-XX Inspector-General for the Defence of Metropolis France
Picture source: Courtesy of Laurent Laloup