The Generals of WWII

Generals from Finland Flag for Finland
Portrait of Marshal of Finland Carl Gustav Emil Mannerheim

Mannerheim, Carl Gustav Emil

Marshal of Finland

* 4th of June 1867

† 27th of January 1951


1905-11-29 Colonel (Imperial Russian Army)
1911-04-26 Major-General (Imperial Russian Army) promotion: 26.04.1917 Lieutenant-General (Imperial Russian Army) promotion: 27.01.1918 Lieutenant-General
1918-03-07 General of Cavalry
1933-05-19 Field Marshal
1942-04-06 Marshal of Finland


1909-XX-XX 1910-XX-XX Commanding Officer 13th Russian Ulan Regiment
1910-XX-XX 1914-XX-XX Commanding Officer Russian Imperial Guards Ulan Regiment
1914-XX-XX 1915-XX-XX Commanding Officer Russian Guards Cavalry Brigade Warsaw
1915-XX-XX 1916-XX-XX General Officer Commanding 12th Russian Cavalry Division
1916-XX-XX General Officer Commanding Russian-Romanian Group Vrancza
1917-XX-XX 1918-XX-XX General Officer Commanding VI Russian Cavalry Corps
1918-XX-XX Joins the Finnish Army
1918-01-16 1919-05-29 Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces
1918-12-12 1919-07-27 Regent of Finland
1919-07-27 1931-03-30 In reserve
1930-03-20 1939-10-17 Chairman of the Defence Counsel
1940-10-17 1944-12-31 Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces
1944-08-04 1946-03-08 President of Finland
Picture source: Courtesy of Valdis Kursietis