The Generals of WWII

Generals from Canada Flag for Canada
Portrait of Brigadier George Arnold McCarter

McCarter, George Arnold


* 14th of April 1896

† 6th of October 1961


1939-12-06 1940-12-16 General Staff Officer 1, National Defence Headquarters
1940-12-17 1941-02-02 General Staff Officer 1, Canadian Military Headquarters [England]
1941-10-01 1942-06-23 Commanding Officer 1st Canadian Anti-Aircraft Brigade [England]
1942-06-24 1943-01-14 Commander Corps Royal Artillery, I Canadian Corps [England]
1943-01-15 1943-09-30 Commanding Officer 6th Canadian Brigade [England]
1943-10-01 1944-06-06 Brigadier General Staff, I Canadian Corps [Mediterranean - Italy]
1944-09-18 1945-02-20 Commanding Officer 16th Canadian Brigade
1945-XX-XX District Officer Commanding 3rd Military District
Picture source: Courtesy of Clive M. Law