The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Frank Ross McCoy

McCoy, Frank Ross


* 29th of October 1874

† 4th of June 1954

(Regular Army)


1917-08-05 Lieutenant-Colonel (Temporary)
1918-02-06 Colonel (Temporary)
1918-08-16 Brigadier-General
1920-03-15 Reverted to Lieutenant-Colonel
1920-07-01 Colonel
1922-12-04 Brigadier-General
1924-09-04 Major-General


1917-06-XX 1918-05-XX Assistant to the Chief of General Staff, American Expeditionary Force [France]
1918-05-XX 1918-11-XX Commanding Officer 165th Infantry Brigade [France]
1918-11-XX 1919-01-01 Director of Transportation, American Expeditionary Force [France]
1919-01-01 1919-05-15 Deputy Director-General of Transportation, American Expeditionary Force [France]
1919-05-15 1919-08-20 Director-General of Transportation, American Expeditionary Force [France]
1919-08-XX 1919-11-XX Chief of Staff, American Military Mission to Armenia
1920-01-31 1920-03-15 Commanding Officer Arizona District
1920-03-15 1920-09-01 Assistant to Department Adjutant, Central Department
1920-09-01 1921-04-05 Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations, 6th Corps Area
1921-09-30 1925-04-17 Technical Assistant (Civil Affairs) to the Governor-General of the Philippines
1923-09-08 1923-11-02 Director-General of American Red Cross in Tokyo
1925-09-15 1925-12-31 Liaison Officer of the Philippine Government to Bureau of Insular Affairs
1926-01-01 1926-02-06 Attending af Refresher Course, Infantry School
1926-02-06 1927-03-09 Commanding Officer 3rd Infantry Brigade
1927-03-09 1927-05-07 Attending the Field Artillery School
1927-05-07 1929-01-18 Commanding Officer 1st Field Artillery Brigade
1929-01-19 1929-09-30 Chairman of Commission of Inquiry & Conciliation Bolivia-Paraguay
1929-10-02 1932-02-01 Commanding General 4th Corps Area
1932-02-09 1933-03-02 American Member of Far Eastern Commission of Inquiry [Japan - China - Manchuria - Switzerland]
1933-03-03 1933-10-01 Commanding General 1st Cavalry Division
1933-10-01 1935-02-01 Commanding General 7th Corps Area
1935-02-01 1936-05-01 Commanding General 2nd Army
1935-02-01 1936-05-01 Commanding General 6th Corps Area
1936-05-01 1938-10-31 Commanding General 2nd Corps Area
1938-01-22 1938-10-31 Commanding General 1st Army
1938-10-31 Retired
1941-12-20 Recalled
1941-XX-XX 1942-XX-XX Member of the Roberts Commission investigating the Pearl Harbor Disaster
1942-01-31 Retired
1942-07-05 Recalled
1942-XX-XX Chairman of Military Commission trying German saboteurs and agents
1942-08-20 Retired
1943-07-06 Recalled
1943-XX-XX Chairman of the War Department Procurement Review Board
1943-10-21 Retired
1945-XX-XX 1949-XX-XX Chairman of the Far Eastern Commission
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