The Generals of WWII

Generals from Japan Flag for Japan
Portrait of Lieutenant-General Takeshi Mori

Mori, Takeshi


* 25th of April 1894

† 15th of August 1945

(森 赳)

(もり たけし)


1938-08-01 Colonel
1941-08-25 Major-General
1945-03-01 Lieutenant-General


1935-06-01 1937-08-26 Instructor at the War College
1937-08-26 1938-07-30 Senior Staff Officer, 1st Army [China]
1938-07-30 1941-07-07 Instructor at the War College 07.07.41-01.07.42: Deputy Chief of Staff, 6th Army [Manchuria]
1942-07-01 1943-02-03 Chief of Staff, 6th Army [Manchuria]
1943-02-03 1944-01-17 Deputy Commander in Chief of the Military Police (Kempeitai)
1944-01-17 1945-03-01 Chief of Staff, 19th Army
1945-03-01 1945-04-20 Attached to the General Staff
1945-04-20 1945-08-15 General Officer Commanding 1st Imperial Guards Division
1945-08-15 Assassinated by rebel army officers in fail coup d’état to prevent surrender
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