The Generals of WWII

Generals from China Flag for China
Portrait of Lieutenant-General  Mou Zhonheng

Mou Zhonheng


* 1889

† 15th of March 1981

(牟中珩 )

(Mou Chung-heng)


(Mou Zhongyan)


1936-10-03 Major-General
1945-06-28 Lieutenant-General


1930-XX-XX 1932-XX-XX Chief of Staff, 23rd Brigade, Northeastern Army
1932-XX-XX 1933-XX-XX Chief of Staff, 14th Independent Brigade
1933-XX-XX Chief of Staff, 114th Division, 51st Army
1933-04-XX 1935-08-XX Commanding Officer 679th Regiment, 114th Division, 51st Army
1935-08-XX 1939-03-XX Commanding Officer 114th Division, 51st Army
1938-07-XX 1939-03-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 51st Army
1939-03-XX 1942-01-XX Commanding Officer 51st Army
1942-01-XX 1944-12-XX Chairman of Shandong Provincial Government
1942-01-XX 1944-12-XX Commanding Officer Shandong Province Security Headquarters
1944-12-XX 1946-XX-XX Deputy Commander in Chief 10th War Area
1946-XX-XX 1948-XX-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 2nd Pacification Area
1948-09-XX Captured by the People's Liberation Army
1948-09-XX 1966-04-16 Imprisoned
1966-04-16 Released