The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Brigade-Lawyer Petr Dmitrievich Nelidov

Nelidov, Petr Dmitrievich


* 1894

† 20th of August 1938

(Петр Дмитриевич Нелидов)


1936-04-21 Brigade-Lawyer


1927-09-XX 1930-06-XX Military Prosecutor, IV Rifle Corps
1930-06-XX 1933-12-XX Military Prosecutor, VI Rifle Corps
1933-12-XX 1935-06-XX Military Prosecutor, XIII Rifle Corps
1935-06-XX 1936-08-XX Military Prosecutor, XII Rifle Corps
1936-08-XX 1938-XX-XX Military Prosecutor, Siberian Military District
1938-XX-XX 1938-08-20 Arrested
1938-08-20 Condemned to death
1938-08-20 Executed
Picture source: Courtesy of Mikhail Eremenko