The Generals of WWII

Generals from Canada Flag for Canada
Portrait of Brigadier Matthew Howard Somers Penhale

Penhale, Matthew Howard Somers


* 13th of February 1895

† 1978


1940-05-15 1940-09-13 Assistant Adjutant-General Canadian Military Headquarters [England]
1940-09-14 1941-06-09 Director of Staff Duties, National Defence Headquarters
1942-02-08 1942-06-23 Brigadier General Staff Canadian Military Headquarters [England]
1942-06-24 1942-09-07 Brigadier General Staff 1st Canadian Army [England]
1942-09-08 1943-04-07 Commanding Officer 4th Canadian Brigade [England]
1943-04-08 1943-10-11 Commanding Officer 3rd Canadian Brigade, Sicily
1943-11-06 1944-04-26 Brigadier General Staff Canadian Military Headquarters [England]
1944-04-27 1944-08-28 Deputy Chief of Staff Canadian Military Headquarters [England]
1944-09-15 1945-08-31 Deputy Chief of the General Staff, National Defence Headquarters