The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Petr Vasilevich Pererva

Pererva, Petr Vasilevich


* 23rd of July 1897

† 22nd of October 1968

(Петр Васильевич Перерва)


1942-11-17 Major-General


1938-03-XX 1939-XX-XX Commanding Officer 41st Rifle Regiment
1939-XX-XX 1940-03-XX Commanding Officer 426th Rifle Regiment
1940-03-XX 1940-11-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Reserve Rifle Battalion
1940-11-XX 1941-07-XX Commanding Officer 20th Motorised Rifle Regiment
1941-07-XX 1941-09-17 Commanding Officer 20th Tank Division
1941-09-17 1942-11-26 Commanding Officer 356th Rifle Division
1942-11-27 1942-12-20 Commanding Officer 29th Guards Rifle Division
1942-12-XX 1943-03-XX Hospitalised and convalescing
1943-03-13 1943-11-16 Commanding Officer XXV Rifle Corps
1943-11-XX 1945-04-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 61st Army
1945-04-XX 1948-08-XX Deputy Commander in Chief Belorussian-Lithuanian Military District for Training
1945-08-XX 1946-02-XX Deputy Commander in Chief Minsk Military District for Training
1946-02-XX 1946-12-XX Deputy Commander in Chief Belorussian Military District for Training
1946-12-XX 1947-03-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 3rd Army
1947-03-XX 1948-06-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 28th Army
1948-06-XX 1949-05-XX Attending the Military Academy of the General Staff
1949-05-XX 1951-02-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 7th Guards Army
1951-02-XX 1954-09-XX Deputy Commander in Chief Taurian Military District
1954-09-XX Retired
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