The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Edward Chester Plow

Plow, Edward Chester


* 28th of September 1904

† 25th of August 1988

Nickname: Johnny


1951-02-XX Major-General


1940-08-28 1941-09-21 Commanding Officer 8th Field Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery
1941-XX-XX 1942-XX-XX Counter-Bombardment Officer I Canadian Corps
1942-02-01 1943-01-14 Commander Royal Artillery 3rd Canadian Division [England]
1943-01-15 1943-09-13 Commander Corps Royal Artillery I Canadian Corps [England] - Mediterranean - Italy
1943-12-27 1944-12-18 Commander Corps Royal Artillery I Canadian Corps [Italy]
1944-12-19 1945-06-10 Brigadier Royal Artillery 1st Canadian Army
Director of Armament Development, National Defence Headquarters
Director of Artillery, National Defence Headquarters
Commanding Officer British Columbia Area
Senior Canadian Liaison Officer, London [England]
1951-XX-XX 1958-XX-XX General Officer Commanding Eastern Command
1958-10-02 Retired
1959-01-15 1963-XX-XX Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Nova Scotia
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