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Portrait of Colonel-General of Aviation Fedor Petrovich Polynin

Polynin, Fedor Petrovich

Colonel-General of Aviation

* 20th of October 1906

† 21st of November 1981

(Федор Петрович Полынин)

(Fiodor Połynin)


1938-08-05 Colonel
1939-11-29 Kombrig
1940-06-04 Major-General of Aviation
1943-05-28 Lieutenant-General of Aviation
1945-08-09 Lieutenant-General (Polish Army)
1946-07-11 Colonel-General of Aviation


1938-06-XX 1939-01-25 Senior Inspector for Pilot Techniques
1939-10-XX 1939-12-XX Deputy Commanding Officer Air Forces, Kiev Special Military District
1939-12-XX 1940-04-XX Commanding Officer Air Forces, 13th Army
1940-04-XX 1940-08-08 Deputy Commanding Officer Air Forces Kiev Special Military District
1940-08-08 1941-08-17 Commanding Officer 13th Bomber Aviation Division
1941-08-XX 1942-05-XX Deputy Commanding Officer Air Forces, Briansk Front
1942-05-XX 1942-09-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 2nd Air Army
1942-09-XX 1943-01-08 Deputy Commanding Officer 6th Air Army
1943-01-08 1945-06-28 Commanding Officer 6th Air Army
1944-10-31 Transferred to the Polish People's Army
1944-10-31 1945-06-28 Commander in Chief of the Air Forces of the Polish People's Army
1945-06-28 1947-05-05 Commander in Chief of the Polish Air Forces
1947-05-05 Returned to Soviet Union
1947-06-27 1949-XX-XX Commanding Officer 13th Air Army
1949-XX-XX 1950-05-XX Commanding Officer 76th Air Army
1950-05-26 1954-01-21 Commanding Officer 30th Air Army
1954-01-XX 1956-02-01 Attending the Military Academy of the General Staff
1956-02-01 1960-02-XX Commanding Officer 57th Air Army
1960-03-14 1971-04-24 Chief of Rear Service, Air Force
1960-03-14 1971-04-24 Member of the Military Council, Air Force
1971-05-24 Retired
Picture source: Courtesy of Ilya Mukhin