The Generals of WWII

Generals from Soviet Union Flag for Soviet Union
Portrait of Lieutenant-General Ivan Pavlovich Roslyi

Roslyi, Ivan Pavlovich


* 12th of July 1902

† October 1980

(Иван Павлович Рослый)


1942-05-13 Major-General
1945-04-20 Lieutenant-General


1939-11-XX 1940-04-27 Commanding Officer 245th Rifle Regiment
1940-04-27 1942-08-30 Commanding Officer 4th Rifle Division
1942-09-02 1942-12-08 Commanding Officer IX Rifle Guards Corps
1942-12-XX 1943-01-25 Deputy Commanding Officer 58th Army
1943-01-25 1943-02-10 Commanding Officer 46th Army
1943-03-XX 1943-06-18 Deputy Commanding Officer 58th Army
1943-06-18 1947-04-XX Commanding Officer IX Rifle Corps
1947-XX-XX 1948-XX-XX Assistant Commanding Officer 11th Guards Army
1948-08-XX 1957-03-XX Commanding Officer XVI Guards Rifle Corps
1957-03-XX 1961-XX-XX Assistant Commander in Chief for Higher Military Schools, Volga Military District
1961-XX-XX Retired
Picture source: Courtesy of Ilya Mukhin