The Generals of WWII

Generals from Poland Flag for Poland
Portrait of Major-General Kazimierz Jędrzej Sawicki-Sawa

Sawicki-Sawa, Kazimierz Jędrzej


* 2nd of June 1881

† 2nd of March 1971


1919-06-01 Lieutenant-Colonel
1924-08-15 Colonel
1933-01-01 Brigadier-General
1966-11-11 Major-General 00.11.18-00.04.27: Commanding Officer 36th Regiment


1927-04-XX 1932-05-XX Commanding Officer Infantry 29th Division
1932-05-XX 1938-02-XX General Officer Commanding 16th Division
1936-02-XX 1939-09-XX Director of Office of Physical Education & Military Preparedness
1939-XX-XX General Officer Commanding National Guard
1939-09-01 1939-09-17 General Officer Commanding Wlodzimierz Operational Group
1939-09-XX 1941-03-XX Interned in Hungary
1941-03-XX Escapes to Poland
1941-04-XX 1943-XX-XX Commander of the National Army Lvov Area
1944-XX-XX Took part in the Warsaw Uprising
1945-XX-XX Prisoner of War, Germany
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