The Generals of WWII

Generals from France Flag for France
Portrait of Lieutenant-General François-Adolphe-Laurent Sevez

Sevez, François-Adolphe-Laurent


* 22nd of November 1891

† 29th of February 1948


1935-03-XX Lieutenant-Colonel
1939-08-31 Colonel
1945-12-25 Lieutenant-General


1939-07-07 1940-05-29 Commanding Officer 13th Algerian Tirailleurs Regiment
1940-06-16 1940-06-18 Commanding Officer 32nd Light Division
1940-06-18 1941-10-27 Prisoner of War, Germany
1941-10-27 Released
1942-01-01 1942-05-09 Chief of 1st Section, National Defence Staff
1942-05-10 1942-07-01 Attached to the Staff of Coastal Defences French North Africa
1942-07-01 1943-06-02 Chief of Staff, Coastal Defences French North Africa
1943-06-03 1943-08-23 Chief of Staff, Land Forces in French North & West Africa
1943-08-24 1943-09-01 Chief of Staff, Corps Expeditionnaire Française [Italy]
1943-09-01 1944-XX-XX General Officer Commanding 4th Moroccan Mountain Division [Italy]
1944-06-21 1945-XX-XX Deputy Chief of Staff for National Defence
1945-09-01 1946-06-06 General Officer Commanding I Corps 06.06.46-48: Deputy Commander in Chief French Forces in Germany
1948-02-29 Killed in a hunting accident
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