The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General of Aviation Vasilii Antonovich Shchelkin

Shchelkin, Vasilii Antonovich

Major-General of Aviation

* 17th of April 1903

† 23rd of September 1975

(Василий Антонович Щелкин)


1944-11-05 Major-General of Aviation


1942-03-XX 1943-06-03 Commanding Officer 7th Long Range Bomber Aviation Regiment
1943-06-03 1944-12-26 Commanding Officer 54th Long Range Aviation Division
1944-12-26 1945-09-XX Commanding Officer 54th Long Range Bomber Aviation Division
1945-09-XX 1947-06-XX Commanding Officer 54th Transport Aviation Division
1947-06-XX 1949-10-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 21st Guards Transport Division
1949-10-XX Attending the Air Force Academy
1951-06-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 47th Bomber Aviation Division
1951-06-XX 1952-08-XX Deputy Head of Moscow Directorate, Civil Air Fleet
1951-06-XX 1952-08-XX Chief of Flight Navigation Section, Moscow Directorate, Civil Air Fleet
1952-08-XX 1953-03-XX Chief of Traffic Security Inspection, Transport Aviation, Moscow Directorate, Civil Air Fleet
1953-03-XX 1955-02-XX Commanding Officer Separate Air Filming Civil Air Fleet Aviation Group
1955-02-XX Retired
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