The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Lieutenant-General  Shen Fazao

Shen Fazao


* 8th of October 1904

† 4th of February 1973


(Shen Fa-tsao)


1931-11-XX Colonel (Post rank)
1934-02-XX Major-General (Post rank)
1935-05-11 Colonel
1936-10-05 Major-General
1948-09-22 Lieutenant-General


1931-10-XX 1932-01-XX Commanding Officer 4th Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 1st Security Division
1932-01-XX 1933-01-XX Commanding Officer 522nd Regiment, 261st Brigade, 87th Division
1933-01-XX 1933-08-XX Commanding Officer Reserve Regiment, 87th Division
1933-08-XX 1934-02-XX Commanding Officer 215th Regiment, 108th Brigade, 36th Division
1934-02-XX 1937-09-12 Commanding Officer 259th Brigade, 87th Division
1934-02-XX 1937-09-12 Chief of Fujian Minnan Security Branch Department
1937-09-12 1937-10-15 Deputy Commanding Officer 87th Division
1937-10-15 1939-05-26 Commanding Officer 87th Division
1939-05-26 1939-11-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 2nd Army
1939-11-XX 1940-05-XX Assistant Commandant of 8th Branch School, Central Military Academy
1940-05-XX 1941-03-XX Chief of Training Office, Central Military Academy
1941-03-XX 1944-02-XX Commandant of 3rd Branch School, Central Military Academy
1944-02-XX 1945-12-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Provisional Army
1946-06-XX 1948-01-XX Chief of 5th Bureau, General Headquarters
1948-01-XX 1948-07-05 Chief of Army Armored Forces Recruitment & Training
1948-07-05 1949-02-01 Chief of 5th Bureau, Minitry of War
1949-02-01 1949-04-XX Commanding Officer Hunan-Guangdong-Jiangxi Border Area
1949-02-01 1949-04-XX Commanding Officer 3rd Recruit Training Center
1949-04-XX 1949-05-XX Commander in Chief 13th Army Corps
1949-05-XX 1950-01-XX Commander in Chief 4th Army Corps
1950-01-XX 1953-07-XX Deputy Commander in Chief Taiwan General Defence Command
1953-07-XX 1959-06-XX Deputy Commander in Chief of the Army
1959-06-XX Retired
Picture source: Courtesy of Tom Chan