The Generals of WWII

Generals from Romania Flag for Romania
Portrait of Lieutenant-General Ioan Sichitiu

Sichitiu, Ioan


* 19th of January 1878

† 20th of April 1952


1917-04-XX Lieutenant-Colonel
1919-04-01 Colonel
1928-03-25 Brigadier-General
1933-04-15 Major-General
1938-02-01 Lieutenant-General


1917-XX-XX Liaison Officer to 9th Russian Army
1918-XX-XX 1920-XX-XX Chief of Operations Section, General Staff
1920-XX-XX Commanding Officer 27th Howitzer Regiment
1921-XX-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Howitzer Regiment
1921-XX-XX 1926-XX-XX Instructor at the Supreme War School
1926-XX-XX 1928-XX-XX Chief of Staff, Inspectorate-General of Intendancy
1928-XX-XX 1929-XX-XX Chief of Staff, Inspectorate-General of Aviation
1929-XX-XX 1930-XX-XX Commanding Officer 13th Artillery Brigade
1930-XX-XX 1932-XX-XX General Officer Commanding Aviation Troops
1932-XX-XX 1935-XX-XX General Officer Commanding Air Forces
1935-XX-XX 1937-XX-XX General Officer Commanding I Corps
1937-01-01 Member of the Supreme Army Council
1937-XX-XX Inspector-General, 3rd Army Inspection
1937-02-01 1937-11-01 Chief of the General Staff
1938-02-01 Retired
1941-01-14 1942-03-19 Ministry of Agriculture
1946-09-24 1948-02-06 Arrested
1948-02-06 Condemned to 10 years imprisonment
1952-04-20 Died in prison
Picture source: Courtesy of Valdis Kursietis