The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Colonel-General Nikolai Pavlovich Sidelnikov

Sidelnikov, Nikolai Pavlovich


* 1899

† December 1976

(Николай Павлович Сидельников)


1943-03-31 Major-General
1949-05-11 Lieutenant-General promotion: 18.02.1958 Colonel-General


1943-09-20 1943-10-10 Chief of Staff, I Tank Corps
1943-10-15 1943-10-20 Acting Chief of Staff, Baltic Front
1943-10-20 1944-01-20 Chief of Staff, 2nd Baltic Front
1944-01-20 1945-04-04 Chief of Staff, 10th Guards Army
1945-04-04 1945-08-02 Chief of Staff, 67th Army
1953-04-XX 1953-11-XX First Deputy Commander in Chief Northern Caucasian Military District 00.04.53-00.11.53: Chief of Staff, Northern Caucasian Military District
1955-03-10 1956-04-XX Head of Main Combat Training Directorate
1956-04-XX 1959-05-11 First Deputy Commander in Chief Soviet Group of Forces in Germany
1956-04-XX 1959-05-11 Chief of Staff, Soviet Group of Forces in Germany
1959-XX-XX Retired
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