The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Amedeo Sorrentino

Sorrentino, Amedeo


* 2nd of April 1886


1934-09-05 Colonel
1940-10-15 Brigadier-General (Seniority from 1940-01-01)
1942-07-01 Major-General : Commanding Officer 74th Infantry Regiment "Lombardia"


1938-09-01 Attached to Torino Corps
1938-09-01 1939-09-01 Commanding Officer 7th Territorial Defence Sector
1939-09-01 Attached to Torino Corps
1940-01-01 Attached to I Corps
1940-01-01 Attached to Torrino Territorial Defence Command
1941-11-10 Commanding Officer Catanzaro Military Zone
1941-11-10 1941-11-15 Attached to XXX Corps
1941-11-15 1942-02-10 Attached to XXXI Corps
1942-02-10 1943-XX-XX Commanding Officer Novara Military Zone
1943-09-11 1945-05-XX Prisoner of War [Germany]