The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of General Joseph Warren Stilwell

Stilwell, Joseph Warren


* 19th of March 1883

† 12th of October 1946

(Regular Army)


1928-03-06 Lieutenant-Colonel
1935-07-01 Colonel
1939-07-01 Brigadier-General
1940-10-01 Major-General (Army of the United States)
1942-02-25 Lieutenant-General (Army of the United States)
1944-08-01 General (Army of the United States)


1928-02-20 1929-03-16 Chief of Staff, US Forces in China
1929-07-10 1930-05-XX Instructor at the Infantry School
1930-05-XX 1933-05-28 Chief of Tactical section, Infantry School
1933-06-06 1935-05-31 Attached to 1st Reserve District, 9th Corps Area
1935-07-07 1939-05-12 Military Attaché to China & Siam
1939-09-23 1940-07-XX Commanding General 2nd Infantry Division
1940-07-01 1941-07-XX Commanding General 7th Infantry Division
1941-07-26 1941-12-21 Commanding General III Corps
1942-03-04 1943-04-24 Commanding General US China-Burma-India Theater of Operations
1942-03-04 1944-10-23 Chief of Staff to Chiang Kai-Shek
1943-06-08 1943-11-19 Commanding General US China-Burma-India Theater of Operations
1943-11-16 1944-10-21 Deputy Supreme Allied Commander in Chief South-East Asia Command
1943-12-09 1944-10-24 Commanding General US China-Burma-India Theater of Operations
1944-07-17 1944-10-23 Commanding General Northern Area Combat Command [Burma]
1945-01-24 1945-06-22 Commander in Chief Army Ground Forces
1945-06-XX 1945-10-XX Commanding General 10th Army
1945-12-XX 1946-03-XX Commanding General Western Defense Command
1946-03-01 1946-10-12 Commanding General 6th Army
Picture source: Courtesy of Paul Godley