The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Army General Andrei Trofimovich Stuchenko

Stuchenko, Andrei Trofimovich

Army General

* 30th of October 1904

† 18th of November 1972

(Андрей Трофимович Стученко)


1943-01-29 Major-General
1945-07-11 Lieutenant-General
1950-08-08 Colonel-General
1964-04-13 Army General


1940-10-XX 1941-07-30 Instructor at the Military Command & Navigation Academy of the Air Force
1941-07-30 1941-08-XX At disposal of the Main Personnel Directorate
1941-08-XX 1941-09-XX Commanding Officer 58th Cavalry Regiment
1941-09-XX 1942-01-XX Commanding Officer 45th Cavalry Division
1942-01-XX 1942-02-02 Commanding Officer 47th Cavalry Regiment
1942-02-02 1942-03-21 Commanding Officer 20th Cavalry Division
1942-04-XX 1942-04-30 Commanding Officer 10th Guards Cavalry Regiment
1942-04-30 1942-07-XX Commanding Officer 4th Guards Cavalry Division
1942-07-XX 1942-08-XX At disposal of the Military Council, Western Front
1942-08-XX 1942-12-XX Commanding Officer 108th Rifle Division
1942-12-25 1944-08-12 Commanding Officer 29th Guards Rifle Division
1944-08-13 1945-01-10 Commanding Officer XIX Guards Rifle Corps
1945-02-16 1947-07-XX Commanding Officer XIX Guards Rifle Corps
1947-07-XX 1947-09-17 At disposal of the Main Personnel Directorate
1947-09-17 1950-11-16 Commanding Officer LVI Rifle Corps
1950-11-16 1951-09-22 Commanding Officer CXIII Rifle Corps
1951-09-XX 1952-12-XX Attending the Military Academy of the General Staff
1952-12-XX 1953-09-XX Assistant Commanding Officer 11th Guards Army
1953-09-03 1954-06-19 Commanding Officer II Rifle Corps
1954-06-19 1955-11-19 Commanding Officer 6th Army
1955-12-XX 1956-04-XX First Deputy Commander in Chief Northern Military District
1956-04-04 1960-04-18 Commander in Chief Northern Military District
1960-04-18 1961-06-XX Commander in Chief Volga Military District
1961-06-05 1968-04-22 Commander in Chief Transcaucasian Military District
1968-04-25 1969-07-17 Commandant of Frunze Military Academy
1969-07-17 1972-11-18 Inspector-Counsellor, Group of Inspector-Generals, Ministry of Defence