The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Brigadier-General Genadij Szejpak

Szejpak, Genadij


* 17th of December 1903

† 12th of October 1961


(Former Soviet Army)

(Геннадий Ильич Шейпак)

(Gennadii Iilich Sheipak)


1945-05-25 Brigadier-General
1945-07-11 Major-General (Soviet Army)


1937-10-XX 1939-10-XX Commanding Officer 80th Cavalry Regiment
1939-10-XX 1941-07-XX Military Commissioner, Tajikistan SSR
1941-07-XX 1941-12-XX Chief of Staff, 39th Separate Cavalry Division
1941-12-XX 1942-03-XX Acting Commanding Officer 104th Cavalry Division
1942-03-XX 1942-07-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 104th Cavalry Division
1942-07-XX 1942-08-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 105th Cavalry Division
1942-08-XX 1942-12-XX Commanding Officer 11th Airborne Brigade
1942-12-XX 1943-11-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 5th Guards Airborne Division
1943-11-XX 1944-01-10 Deputy Chief of Staff, 5th Guards Army
1943-11-XX 1944-01-10 Chief of Operations Section, 5th Guards Army
1944-01-10 1944-04-15 Commanding Officer 111th Rifle Division
1944-09-XX Transferred to the Polish People's Army
1944-09-04 1946-03-23 Commanding Officer 6th Division Polish People's Army
1946-03-23 Returned to Soviet Union
1946-05-XX 1946-06-XX At disposal of the Personnel Directorate, Ground Forces
1946-06-XX 1947-09-XX Military Commissioner, Tajikistan SSR
1947-07-XX 1952-11-XX Military Commissioner, Pinsk
1952-11-XX 1954-02-XX Military Commissioner, Polessk
1954-02-XX 1955-06-XX Military Commissioner, Astrakhansk
1955-06-XX Retired