The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of General 2nd Rank  Tang Enbo

Tang Enbo

General 2nd Rank

* 9th of September 1900

† 29th of June 1954


(Tang En-po)


1926-09-XX Lieutenant-Colonel (Post rank)
1928-05-XX Colonel (Post rank)
1929-05-XX Major-General (Post rank)
1931-12-26 Lieutenant-General (Post rank)
1935-04-08 Lieutenant-General
1945-03-05 General (Post rank)
1946-02-16 General
1954-08-09 General 2nd Rank (Posthumously)


1926-09-XX 1927-02-XX Staff Officer, 2nd Branch, Staff Section, National Revolutionary Army Headquarters
1927-02-XX 1928-05-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Infantry Company, Changsha Branch School, Central Military Academy
1928-05-XX 1928-08-XX Commanding Officer 1st Infantry Battalion, 1st Infantry Brigade, 6th Course, Central Military Academy
1928-08-XX 1929-05-XX Chief of 2nd Branch, Staff Section, National Revolutionary Army Headquarters
1929-05-XX 1930-02-XX Deputy Chief of Education Department, Central Military Academy
1930-02-XX 1930-05-XX Commanding Officer 1st Brigade, Military Preparatory Training Corps
1930-05-XX 1930-11-XX Commanding Officer 1st Brigade, 1st Instruction Division
1930-11-XX 1931-12-26 Deputy Commanding Officer 4th Division
1930-11-XX 1931-12-26 Commanding Officer 10th Brigade, 4th Division
1931-12-26 1932-03-01 Commanding Officer 2nd Division
1932-03-01 1934-02-13 Commanding Officer 89th Division
1934-02-13 1935-09-07 Commanding Officer 10th Column, 3rd Route Army, Jiangxi-Guangdong-Fujian-Hunan-Hubei Bandit Suppression Army
1934-03-03 1935-08-09 Commanding Officer 4th Division, 10th Column, 3rd Route Army, Jiangxi-Guangdong-Fujian-Hunan-Hubei Bandit Suppression Army
1935-09-07 1937-10-16 Commanding Officer 13th Army
1937-10-16 1938-06-08 Commander in Chief 20th Army Corps
1938-06-08 1943-09-24 Commander in Chief 31st Army Group
1938-06-21 1938-07-27 Commanding Officer 98th Army
1938-10-XX 1939-01-XX Commanding Officer Assault Army
1939-01-24 1939-04-XX Chief of Education, Nanyue Guerrilla Warfare Cadres Training Class, Military Commission
1940-12-XX 1944-12-XX Commanding Officer Shandong-Jiangsu-Henan-Anhui Guerrilla Command
1942-01-14 1944-12-XX Deputy Commander in Chief 1st War Area
1943-09-24 1944-06-20 Commander in Chief 19th Army Group
1944-12-XX 1945-03-05 Commanding Officer Guizhou-Guangxi-Hunan Border Area Headquarters
1945-03-05 1945-10-XX Commander in Chief 3rd Field Army
1945-10-XX 1946-06-29 Deputy Commanding Officer Xuzhou Pacification Headquarters
1945-10-XX 1946-06-29 Commanding Officer 1st Pacification Area
1946-06-29 1948-08-05 Deputy Commander in Chief of the Army
1947-03-XX 1947-06-XX Commander in Chief 1st Army Corps
1948-08-05 1949-01-18 Commanding Officer Quzhou Pacification Headquarters
1948-11-16 1949-08-16 Commanding Officer Songhu Garrison Command
1949-01-18 1949-08-16 Commanding Officer Nanjing-Shanghai-Hangzhou Garrison Command
1949-08-16 1949-11-XX Chairman of Fujian Provincial Government
1949-08-16 1949-11-XX Commanding Officer Fuzhou Pacification Headquarters
1949-11-XX 1950-03-XX Deputy Chief of Southeastern Military Administration
1950-03-XX 1953-01-XX Advisor, Strategic Advisory Board, President's Office
1953-01-XX 1953-05-XX Chief of the Chinese (Nationalist) Military Mission to Japan
1953-03-XX Retired
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