The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Kombrig Mitrofan Sergeevich Tkachev

Tkachev, Mitrofan Sergeevich


* 19th of August 1890

(Митрофан Сергеевич Ткачев)


1936-01-29 Kombrig


1928-11-XX 1931-11-XX Commanding Officer 93rd Cavalry Regiment
1928-11-XX 1931-11-XX Military Commissar, 93rd Cavalry Regiment
1931-11-XX 1933-11-XX Commanding Officer 29th Cavalry Regiment
1931-11-XX 1933-11-XX Military Commissar, 29th Cavalry Regiment
1933-11-XX 1934-02-XX Commanding Officer 49th Cavalry Regiment
1933-11-XX 1934-02-XX Military Commissar, 49th Cavalry Regiment
1934-02-XX 1935-06-XX Commanding Officer 45th Cavalry Regiment
1935-06-XX 1937-04-28 Commanding Officer 6th Reserve Cavalry Regiment
1937-04-28 1938-01-XX At disposal of the Command & Staff Directorate
1938-01-28 1940-07-16 Assistant Commanding Officer 10th Cavalry Division
1940-06-XX 1941-07-16 Deputy Commanding Officer 10th Cavalry Division
1940-07-16 1940-11-XX Commanding Officer 106th Rifle Division
1940-11-XX 1941-05-XX Attending Frunze Military Academy
1941-05-XX 1941-07-01 Commanding Officer 106th Rifle Division
1941-07-01 1941-08-XX At disposal of the Personnel Directorate
1941-08-XX 1943-01-XX Commanding Officer 37th Reserve Infantry Brigade
1943-01-XX 1944-04-21 Deputy Commanding Officer 59th Guards Rifle Division
1944-04-21 1944-05-28 Commanding Officer 243rd Rifle Division
1944-05-28 1944-07-XX Wounded and hospitalized
1944-07-XX 1944-09-20 Commanding Officer 243rd Rifle Division
1944-09-20 1944-11-XX At disposal of the Military Council, 53rd Army
1944-09-20 1944-11-XX Temporary Commandant of Arad [Romania]
1944-11-XX 1944-12-25 At disposal of the Main Personnel Directorate
1944-12-25 1945-09-28 Hospitalized and convalescing
1945-09-28 Retired
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